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Corporate Video Production is your top provider for all your corporate video production needs in New York City and neighboring areas. If you need help with corporate video production for your business, we’re the company to do it for you. Our seasoned crew are experts in all things corporate video production. Whether you need explainer videos for your audience to see or concise training videos for your recruitment process, we’ve got you covered. We do our best to make all of the results of our corporate video production professional and engaging.

We’re not just a corporate video production agency but also a video marketing company. If you need assistance with marketing your videos, we can help. You can count on us for any of your company’s corporate video production needs, whether it’s for internal and external purposes.

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Why Is Corporate Video Production Important?

Businesses have been relying on corporate video production to promote their products and services. Not only that, but they’re also leveraging corporate video production for their internal communications. Corporate video production is becoming a handy tool for HR departments because they make training employees much more manageable. Not only that, conveying company-wide messages would be challenging to understand through email alone, especially if it’s essential. But with corporate video production, you can guarantee that your employees can absorb as much information from your message as possible.

Whatever business model you may have, we’re sure you can gain a lot from corporate video production. The time when you have to rely solely on whitepapers and webinars alone to connect with your audience is long gone. Today, you’ve got the power of corporate video production. And with the help of a corporate video production company near me, you can produce the video excellently while having maximum reach.

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Here’s How We Do Our Corporate Video Production

1. Pre-Production

Before we start filming, we need to set the stage first. We’ll have to consider the budget, concept, and outlines, to name a few. If you fancy voiceovers, we’ll have to record them before starting the corporate video production. We’ll also need to determine what style of video you want.

2. Production

After pre-production, we’ll create a storyboard to help visualize all the scenes. From here on out, we’ll base the corporate video production process depending on the visions and style we initially agreed upon.

If you prefer live-action videos, we’ll need to get a hold of some crucial things first. We’re talking about locations, talents, and permits, to name a few. We’ll also prepare our camera, sound, and lighting equipment to ensure a fast and frictionless production process.
But if you like animation videos more, we’ll start by developing illustration assets. These will depend on the aforementioned storyboard and style. With the help of software such as Adobe Effects, we can make use of corporate video production to create animation video best suited for your needs.

3. Post-Production

The fun doesn’t stop after the corporate video production process. We still need to polish the previously shot footage. We’ll need to edit them and add on-screen graphics and sound design to ensure it’s desirable. Our corporate video production videographers will go the extra mile to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Here are Our Corporate Video Production Services

Live Action Business Videos

Most of the time, executives prefer live-action videos because they are easily shareable. This type of corporate video production usually demonstrates a fictional but relatable fictional story or a scenario where the need to use a product or service arises.

Animated Business Videos

Many companies use animated business videos because of their simplicity and effectiveness. When used correctly, corporate video production can be a powerful tool that you can use to explain complex ideas and demonstrate a product or service. In fact, many C-level executives love these types of videos for their companies!

Recruitment Videos

At Corporate Video Production, we always put our clients in the best light. With our recruitment videos, we can help you hire the best talents for your company by showing them what it feels like to work with you, how impressive the work environment is, and what expectations they should establish.

Internal Communications Video

Internal communication videos can help build trust between executives and employees and promote company culture. Making the internal communications video engaging, informative, and purposeful is essential. Luckily for you, we’re just the corporate video production crew for the job.

Explainer Videos

Explainer video companies like us can create explainer videos you can use for marketing or sales purposes. While many companies use these videos to highlight their products and services, most post their explainer videos on their website’s homepage.

Testimonial Video Production

One of the best ways to establish trust between you and your future employees is to let them see things from your employees’ perspective. We can highlight your company’s best characteristics through testimonial video production and showcase its value proposition to potential employees and investors.

Brand Anthem Video

Do you want to make your work environment a conducive and productive place? Start by creating a brand anthem video! You can change how your employees view your company with a brand anthem video. Instead of long offices and boring meetings, you can share the best side of your company with your existing and future employees, all thanks to brand anthem videos.

What Type of Corporate Video Production Is For You?

What type of corporate video should you get for your company? We’re here to help. We can help you choose the right type of video from which your company can benefit greatly. Contact us today to learn more about the best video production for your company’s needs!